My intentions of starting a blog revolve around my interest in the ways that advertising and marketing are progressively developing. It has gotten to the point where it seems almost senseless to launch a print campaign or t.v spot for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Probably because it is, thats unless you are a company such as Coke or McDonalds.

My interest has been peaked by the effectiveness of social networking. Marketers now have the ability to capture their specific target audience within a social network and proceed to drive them like cattle to the nearest purchasing agent whether its itunes or amazon, all along the way exposing them to potentially appealing products. In my opinion this has devalued the traditional method of creating the most unique and drawing brand and putting it on the shelf and let it go to blows with the competition. The bar has been raised in creative marketing and it centers itself around marketer’s abilities to creatively and efficiently generate navigable paths through the social networks and retail sites. Following these paths are like walking along an isle in the real world where everything you came to shop for is in one row with a golden cash register at the end. Its made the consumers role much less integrated.

Though this may come across as a negative response to the progression of advertising, it is not. Centering our business, Movement Strategy, in the digital world I have been exposed to some of the most amazing creative work i’ve seen. Web design is the new promotional package for many companies and its amazing at the variety you can come across in the same product category. The idea of creating an emotionally charged brand comes as more of a challenge it seems due to a general lack of tangibility when first encountering a product. However, I think that this is realized by many marketing and advertising companies, therefore they create digital mediums where consumers and products can interact. Brands such as VW, Coke, and BK have done amazing jobs at creating customer interactions in the digital format. Ironically, all of these brands are clients at the CP+B agency. They do amazing work!


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