Brand Evolution

Each day we live a life in which we are constantly constructing and shaping an identity. I have been intrigued to find how many people and businesses seek to portray a secondary identity within the virtual media. We have embarked on an era of self-branding. Not only is it valuable for product or service brands to segment and create accepted brands to their targets, but it has become almost a civic duty for consumers to create profiles and display a virtual, personal brand which marketers may reference. Not only are individuals fulfilling their duties as consumers through constructing digital Brand You’s, but they are also generating a digital promotional package through which they are selling themselves to employers, educational institutions, peers, and a plethora of other organizations.

How can we hold marketers accountable for inaccurately evaluating a specific segment if we aren’t active in the virtual community? Sounds similar to the complaints and arguments revolving around political influence, except in this case we have a direct line to the chief. The consumer’s new voice has been expressed through the virtual world of networking and digital activity. People build their specific brand online reflecting their defining characteristics in the flesh. Both marketers and individuals gain power and influence in this world not through monetary gains, but rather the ability to build an army of followers and listeners. For anyone who has a complaint about how brands in which they are loyal to carry out their marketing, your best better is through profile creation, tell them directly how you feel.

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