Senses save Cents

Online marketing has undoubtedly caught on due to the limitless avenues through which customers may be reached. However, now more than ever is it necessary for marketers to utilize the outlets online to promote products and connect with consumers. Having the economy in a recession and the market in such a volatile state companies have been faced with a straining situation. Often clients perceive marketing budgets as the most sacrificial entities within their businesses. This notion has and will continue to require agencies and marketing teams to utilize the efficient offerings from the web.

As a new marketing company we have seen first hand the strains put on clients, especially new businesses. They are limited in the ability to put up a large front-end investment in their marketing. This has created a significantly more limited scope on the actions we can take and requires us to restructure our payment negotiations. The advantage of working with fixed budgets is the pressure to pursue more viral, efficient, and creative avenues to promote. Within the world of online marketing as marketers we have the ability to greatly decrease costs and capture a more concentrated target demographic. This inverse relationship that online marketing and networking has created allows for economic growth and entrepreneurship to continue despite the state of the nation. Online consumers and active networkers have themselves to thank for this and as a marketer and new business owner I greatly appreciate the efforts put forth.

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