Influencial Networking

Commonly marketers see the usage of social networks as an outlet to create direct contact points with consumers and specialize segmentation. Within the last few months there has been a significant transformation in consumer usage and interactions within social networks. It seems now more than ever people desire to express their views and voice, and finally they are presented with the means to do so. The increasing controversy within the political arena has ignited this increased passion and transformation of forum usage.

The red/blue divide has split our country drastically and it is generating intense feelings from both sides. The political hardships and economic crisis has put a large bearing on the well-being of the nation as a whole. Social networks have become a HUGE hub for citizens expressing themselves and spreading various spectra of opinions. Its difficult to say if this trend will generate a large understanding between party affiliates or widen the gap, but it is offering a level voice for all who choose to speak.

CNN newscaster Rick Sanchez has gone through the process of personal branding within networks such as facebook, myspace, and twitter offering the public a direct link to influence the content of his 3:00 spot on CNN. He has created a cross-media relationship where civilians become involved and contribute to conversations between influencial public figures broadcast on T.V. This offering is a specific example of how networking has gone through a transformation period of hobby to civic involvement. The opportunities added through social networking have presented an opportunity for the public to dismiss influence based on capital. People are finding that their voice is heightened with their commitment to be heard, rather than their positioning within the social hierarchy.

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