DDB Presentation: “Movements”

A few days ago I attended a lecture by some of the members of DDB San Francisco. The lecture was on Movements, so given that we call ourselves Movement Strategy, I figured this would be relevant.

They began by explaining for the last year or so they had been studying, examining and tracking the major movements through history. These ranged from the hippie movement of the 60’s to the social networking movements of today.

From all of this they derived their MAJOR INSIGHT: “We all have an innate desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves.”

While I thought this was an interesting insight, more interesting is how it directly contrasts ideas of individuality being spread through web2.0. Shopping on Etsy or Threadless is important for consumers because it leads to a sense of individuality. Similarly users want to have a unique facebook or myspace profile, to be differentiated from the herd.

The speakers went on to list the three major stages of a mass movement:

Motivation: “If you don’t live and breathe the brand and are extremely passionate about it, how can you expect anyone else to be?”

Agitation: To create a movement you have to agitate, to shake things up.

Explosion: Networking, tribes, getting it out there.

Some other noteworthy quotes from the DDB presentation:

“feeling as though some people are OUT, strengthens the sense of being IN”

“great agitators are permanently in the face of the establishments”

“the whole world steps aside for a man with direction”

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