Marketing Strategy: Food for Thought

Obviously the marketing strategy aimed toward a specific product or service is going to vary drastically based on a plethora of elements pertaining to the client. It has become hard for marketers to maintain a balance between days of the new and the good ol’ days. The idea of new media and social media have taken marketing to a new level and required marketing companies to acquire new skills and tactics to keep up. Much of the time companies become so caught up in how they can progress and be more innovative that they forget to acknowledge their traditional targets. These are the people like my father that need help checking their e-mail, if they even have it. The gap between new and old is becoming so stratified that marketers almost end up having to sacrifice a portion of their broad segment because they simply cannot reach them within a proposed marketing plan.

It is much easier for large companies with large budgets to maintain their consumer base. Smaller marketing businesses, like ours, go through a serious evaluation process to see how to efficiently and accurately grasp our targets. It takes more strategy. I have some simple insight advice.

Don’t try to be progressive in your appeal to your consumers if they are not.

Much of the time marketers go through such a process of creating an elaborate and unique plan when it isn’t necessary. Of course we all want to be innovative, but if you’re in a position where you must spend your budget wisely see what efforts will provide the best ROI and generate the greatest brand loyalty.

-Just because new media and social media exist, doesn’t make them the primary outlets to your consumers.

Marketing has progressed tenfold and efficiently using a budget has gotten easier, but not everyone is looking forward to being bombarded by advertisements and promotions on their cell phone. Surely people enjoy the option to blog on the go or update their twitter status while on the can, but realistically this is still such a small amount of consumers considering the population that efforts must be considered in various mediums. Take a visit outside the city limits and you’ll encounter the type of people that will question the logic of spending a few hundred dollars on an iphone. It is also extremely dependent on the product or service and the intended target.

This is personal opinion on my behalf, I come from a place where people are accustomed to tangibility when considering a purchase not a virtual marketplace. I also come from a place where little of my friends have spent the time to create facebook or linkedin profiles because they chose to be craftsman and build things with their hands. It makes neither party right nor wrong, but as marketers it is important to broaden the scope beyond what is “in” or on the horizon and simply build a respectable brand and please your consumer.

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