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Last evening Matt Galligan, CEO and Founder of Social Thing, lectured on the campus of the University of Colorado. While a plethora of points he brought up during his presentation were valuable I found the information on Search Twitter to be the most relevant to our scenario. Movement Strategy has been investigating efficient ways to generate viral marketing within networks and forums. Twitter search has been at the forefront of our radar as we devise implementation plans for our clients. If you are unfamiliar, Search Twitter indexes twitter conversations and posts, allowing searchers to view all posts containing their inquiry.

Having the ability to narrow twitter content in such a definitive way provides a resource for marketers and individuals to seek specialized content, specifically for their own use. In our case it greatly helps in our abilities to build segmentation schemes and specify demographics. It also creates an inlet for marketing. We can build strategic plans that offer valued marketing to demographics that are interested. This helps alleviate risks of bombarding unwelcoming consumers and also helps lead to more efficient marketing implementation.

This is a very effective tool, but should be used properly. Surely we’ve all come across posts regarding ethical procedure while using social networking sites to market. Strategy incorporating the usage of these sites should consider providing value complemented by the offering of consumer interaction, not simply forcing a hard sell. Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback on Search Twitter or anything else.

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