On My Mind: Brand Simplicity

Introducing a brand through social media outlets requires the backing of an innovative and well targeted implementation. However the brand development should still appear as a work in progress, in need of some small tweaks and changes. In essence, I’m suggesting that the implementation strategy overrides the presentation.

The reason that brands should be integrating themselves into social media revolves around their concerns of what the consumers really want. If positioned in the right place they will tell you. What appears as a destruction of a brand through negative feedback is really the construction of a consumer molded brand, by the people for the people. This procession is headed by both willingness of the brand to subject itself to abuse and willingness of the consumer to constructively criticize brands in which they are interested. Like mentioned earlier, this constructive branding development only works when planners design a proper implementation. This requires involvement in the communities before introducing the brand and associating a value with consumer participation.

To sum this up; Introducing a brand to social media should signify a work in progress, welcome contributors to help build what they buy. This is a method of brand development, not marketing. The marketing is more of an automatic output through viral effects of the accumulating brand value. If people handcraft and influence the building of something they will be more likely to welcome and become loyal.

There is more on this topic at a regular read of mine: http://www.spotlightideas.co.uk/ – check the video out on perfect brands and see what you think. There is good insight here on what gets people motivated to contribute and why its necessary to “let them in” rather than simply pushing a sale.

Provide the framework, let them paint the picture:Photo Credit: Daquella manera

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One response to “On My Mind: Brand Simplicity

  1. hobokin

    This is a very insightful post. I completely agree that brands now need to introduce themselves online and embrace the feedback they get. If they get negative feedback, thats a good thing. For one, it means people are talking about them and two, it gives the brand an opportunity to respond and change their brand to meet the consumers needs. Shouldn’t it be us the people who decide the products we want and the brands we choose to interact with? Now, the consumers are finally able to dictate directly to the manufacturers what they want, and the manufacturers better listen or else they will lose customers.

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