Deep In Thought: A Quick Note

Quick Note:

I feel like I’ve been falling in the trap of twitter infatuation lately so I’m going to try and mix it up a bit.

The other week I was struck with this desire, or even obligation, to embark on a BIG idea. I have no idea what it may be or when its going to come to me, but I know I’m losing sleep over it and its taking over my thoughts. Surely many people have had such thoughts otherwise society would still be in the stone age, but progression in modern society almost always revolves around the field of tech. If you’re trying to be a pioneer in this world you really have to get outside of the box. Innovation is complicated, but in order to change the way we operate the concept must be simple, otherwise people will discard the movement for being too different.

Innovation revolves around making our lives easier and more efficient. Seeing all of the tools we have compiled on the net it is easy to get the word out, but getting action is the difficult piece. Getting people to step away from the computer and make an active effort or change is the difficult piece. Innovation doesn’t only entail knowledge, it entails a change of mind-set and operative function.

While on my quest for a BIG idea that will change my life I’ve been getting deep in thought, good, but I know that BIG ideas are deprived from thinking on the surface and coming up with new elements of existing pieces of life.

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