Friday is for Followers: Why and How to #followfriday

There are many ways people go about gaining new followers on twitter, but Follow Friday is one that stands out from the rest in my opinion. There’s no app. or bot involved that compiles a list of people to follow based upon your characteristics, posts, interests or otherwise. Follow Friday is a method that is driven by real, sincere human activity in a Twitter landscape that is lead by development through links, apps., and  bots. Despite the fact that it sounds like an elementary game played amongst the same kids playing Duck-Duck-GOOSE at recess, Follow Friday has brought a valuable human aspect to the means by which people find valuable additions to their stream. Essentially, I look at the elements at play here when you @ somebody and realize that its an incredibly valuable networking tool. You could compare it to taking someone’s business card and dispersing it across the most densely populated, CEO ridden regions of the globe. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an extreme comparison, but Follow Friday definitely gets your work recognized, if you stand out from the crowd, and builds an awareness you wouldn’t otherwise get. So, we should all thank @micah for pioneering the people driven concept.

Certainly some of you have heard of Follow Friday or been using it for a bit now, but if you haven’t, here you go. Pretty simple. #followfriday is the Hashtag that is used to search for suggestions on who to follow ( If you are unfamiliar with Hashtags they are simply identifiers for topics being discussed or tweeted, add a # in front of a word to make it a topic. #followfriday is a way to introduce people to one another and provide suggestions of tweeps you think add value to your stream. When you want to participate in Follow Friday all you do is find the people you’d like to recommend to others and add the hashtag #followfriday so that others can see the suggestions in the search stream: EX: Want to follow some real G’s from Movement: #followfriday @movements @znerold @Dieter13


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