Twitter Insights on a #Follow Friday

2118463691_4cf2e7c6a1So for those reluctant souls who still think that twitter is a waste of time for social networking junkies with nothing better to do, I’m here to tell you otherwise. By now your boss has probably said “who knows what this twitter thing is & how can we use it to make sales?” or you’ve seen Rick Sanchez on CNN referring to his twitter stream throughout the show.

Well, those example are a small portion of understanding twitter. The value in twitter for me lies within the ability to network with a vast number professionals and it also serves as a valuable two-way communication channel between brands and loyalist consumers. The way CNN has incorporated twitter into their daily routine and involved the people’s voice is doing exceptional things for society’s confidence in the news they are served. It amplifies their passion to get involved and the adds a mediator type position to the news casting, presenting a less biased platform, all coming solely from incorporating twitter into Rick Sanchez’s show on CNN. I could go on about how Oprah, Ellen, Comcast, & even United Airlines are using twitter & adding value to their brands, sincerely connecting with consumers and presenting a valued opportunity for consumers to voice themselves in the brands, personalities, and services they consume.

While there’s no mystery as to why companies and brands should learn to use twitter effectively and creatively, if you’re a college student wondering “why the hell would I waste my time with status updates when I can do it on my facebook,” here’s why. While facebook may be a better place to sport pictures of you and your friends taking 5 beers down the beer bong with Ralphie the school mascot, its not going to connect you with employers you need to get a job at a desired firm or company. Facebook provides some opportunity for brands to connect and it comes through the form of fan pages, groups, and applications. Twitter‘s simplicity on the other hand, the same thing that make people think its worthless, make it a networking super model for getting your foot in the door. Building a twitter presence and educating your followers with valued content and thoughtful insights will be more apt to get you recognized amongst a group of interviewees than a fun-filled facebook profile.

All in all, my suggestion to businesses looking to connect and aspiring professionals looking for networking, twitter is a must have and must understand. Using and understanding social tools as more than staying in touch with friends has value in all professions, sometimes it just takes a creative approach to make it work.

Photo: Martin Kingsley

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