Twitter Introduces New User Interface

Yesterday twitter silently released a new user interface within the “following” and “followers” sections of profiles. Selecting the “expand” option on the new UI shows the latest updates of all, giving a better idea of their content and activity without having to travel to their page and also provides a drop down menu with options to DM, @reply, unfollow or block.

Picture 3

There is also the option to view in a list. The list option is more condensed, showing just the menu drop down and user name, leaving out real names, locations and latests updates that you can see in the above screen shot.

Picture 2

The new upgrade seems an insignificant change to the site, but does provide a more simplified usability. Personally I enjoy seeing the expanded details on followers and the people I’m following. With the increased amount of garbage accounts sometimes it is hard to distinguish between genuine users and BS accounts that provide no value to your stream. Now with the expand option the tidbit of info helps to determine validity and provides a more relative introduction.

Looking further into the subtle changes made by twitter, Techcrunch has made the hypothesis that a new mobile site is in the works, heres their take.

“What’s interesting about these icons is that they appear to look exactly like icons that Apple uses for OS X — including some of the ones on the iPhone. Could this mean that we’re about to see a revamped mobile version of the Twitter site? Who knows, but it could sure use an overhaul.”

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5 responses to “Twitter Introduces New User Interface

  1. How is this simplified usability? I think it is a horrible design.

    The addition of last tweet and location is nice but the other changes make it worse:

    1) I can’t see who is following me when viewing other’s following and follower lists without clicking a drop down menu button on each person in the list.
    2) Profile information is no longer displayed. This used to be shown on mouseover.
    3) I can’t see who is following me on my following list without clicking a drop down menu button on each person.
    4) It now takes an extra click to block people.
    5) Blocked people remain in the list — including those with pornographic images.

    I am amazed at how a slicker looking interface that is harder to use impresses so many. I don’t see an improvement.


  2. Ben,

    I appreciate the feedback. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the looks of the design, I think it adds appeal and usability for how I use twitter and is more user friendly for new twitter users. I can see the concern that blocked images/users stay on the list, hopefully twitter takes into account the feedback that is being generated throughout the web.

    I like the fact that I can see latest tweets, it saves clicks to profiles and knowing ones geographic location w/o having to leave my followers page is very convenient. I can’t see how an extra click to block has such a significant bearing, I’d certainly sacrifice my time to make one click in return for a more user-friendly and appealing UI. The addition of a drop-down on the following and follower pages does nothing but save my time when you consider that is one more place from where you can DM, @reply, etc. an option that used to not exist.

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