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Digg Dialogg: Exclusive Bruno Interview

On June 30th the Digg community will be hosting an interview with fashion aficionado, Bruno. Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s fashion savvy, flamboyant, “Funkyzeit” host, will be taking the most popular questions submitted by and voted upon by Digg users.

This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity seeing that the controversy to be stirred up by this flick will probably lay Bruno to rest. Just from viewing a 2:50 minute trailer one can see that the Borat saga will be taken to the next level. I’m curious as to whether or not we’ll see Eminem in the theaters! It appears that he and Bruno shared a few bonding moments at the MTV awards.

Questions can be submitted at through Wednesday, June 24.

‘Digg Dialogg lets you submit your questions to notable leaders and luminaries. Rather than editors or journalists, the Digg community decides the most popular questions to be posed in the interview, so submit a question for Bruno!’

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The Power of Viral

The viral phenomen that we try to achieve through social media can also be seen offline. Check it out.

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7 Reasons Why Twitter Is 8th Grade All Over Again

1. Something is cool one week and then everyone forgets about it the next week.

Hashtags – “hashtags are like the coolest thing ever. Did you see Guy Kawasaki’s hashtags, they were like so awesome.”

Retweets – “Oh my god retweets are sooo cool, can you believe Jeremiah Owyang is talking about retweets, omg.”

2. Everyone wants to be friends with the cool kids and talk to the cool kids, but the cool kids only want to talk to each other.

PerryBelcher: sharing a table with @kevinrose at SXSW no big deal

chrisbrogan: omg @skydiver our presentation at the blog world expo was awesome we are like bff for ev!

3. Everyone just wants more friends

4. Everyone acts like they care about you, they don’t care

@movements, that is such a great tweet, you should totally go to my money making acai erectile dysfunction website

5. All everyone wants to do is talk about themselves

-going to the mall

-hungry, getting food

-this food courts lame, settling for mcdonalds

-omg I’m so bloated

6. There is a distinct group of cool kids and you know it if your in (ahem 10k followers plus)

Cool Kids: @garyvee, @THE_REAL_SHAQ, @tferris etc.

Losers: Everyone else

7. The cool kids are always doing awesome things which everyone else is trying to copy.

Garyvee: just got off the plane in Sydney, teaching the Australian women’s national volleyball team how to use social media to connect with their fans.

Dieter13: just got back from 18 & pearl, teaching my mom how to use J-Date.

It is like 8th grade. Think about it!


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Steelers Favored by the Heavens

Its not Superman who exchanged his cape for a Terrible Towel, but there is support for the Steelers coming from above. International Space Station resident Michael Fincke is representing the Steelers nation in the extraterrestrial. The Pittsburgh native has been in tune with the playoffs seeing that mission control made sure the astronauts could watch all of the games. Its tight quarters up there to be rallying around with a Terrible Towel, but hey, its tight quarters in Polamalu’s helmet for all that hair but he still seems to make pics.


Don’t be surprised if the next thing we see proudly blowing in the breeze on the moon is the Terrible Towel.

Our designer, Reda, happens to also be a Pittsburgh native, she’ll be happy to see the support from above. GO STEELERS

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ADULTS ONLY: “Music Makes the World Go Round”

Usually you can get a pretty good grasp on who somebody really is by simply looking at their most played song on i-tunes. Well, just for kicks Reda, one of our graphic designers, designed some concert posters for some of her inspirational listening, I swear shes a nice girl!

Lifeblood of Design

More at “Motivational Listening

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