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“He Said She Said”- Single Celled Twitter Morphs Through Apps.

If you listen to anyone that knows anything about Social Media you’ll hear them say that twitter is platform that you must master. The beauty of social media is sharing, connecting and doing so instantaneously. Twitter offers all of this in a simplistic platform operated 2511539541_b8c0356486through micro interactions. Consider twitter the evolution of texting, a no bullshit message offering substance and suggestions, at least for the most part. Including links in tweets creates a direct connect to the content you value and exposes it to those you share with, beautiful!

As simple as twitter is meant to be there is a strategy on how to use it to build both your personal brand or promote your clients, if you dare to go there. There are multiple web applications that have encouraged the evolution of twitter. You can start by using Search Twitter. This app. allows you to filter conversation based on your search inquiry and inject yourself into conversations of your interest, find friends sharing your interests, or see if anyone is talking shit behind your back or critiquing your client. When you take this app. and apply it as a marketing tool it helps you narrow down a target audience and approach those people you know will be interested in what you have to say, however, like you hear everywhere, you must bring value to the conversation rather than dropping the name of your client. The twitter community is not meant to be an online telemarketing style forum, so keep that in mind, connect with the people that ask.

People such as myself use twitter to learn, seek knowledge, and listen to advice pertaining to their profession. I can’t give enough thanks for links I’ve gotten on twitter and learned so much from. While Search Twitter allows you to narrow down the conversation, re.twited allows you to see and tune into the posts that are sparking the most interest. As Simple as twitter, re.twited simply ranks conversations that people re-tweeted and allows you to search based on when the re-tweets occurred. If twitter is your reference while looking for the most popular topics on the web this will be a godsend. Re.twited also provides a quality service for those looking to get exposure for their posts. Getting your post to appear on re.twited is one challenge that is overcome by simply offering quality material that people will embrace or be driven to RT. Once on re.twited you’ll likely see the NOS kick in and watch your post gain popularity.

Die hard twitter sensei, Brightkit has your service. This is a service allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts from one place. The site allows you to manage your posting times along with a plethora of other management options. If you’re tweeting under multiple aliases this is a must have. You can put your imagination to work and see how a tool such as this could help from a marketing standpoint.

Theres plenty more on these apps. floating around the web. Be sure to check out Logic and Emotion for more on re.twited and other info on the importance of twitter and things to keep in mind while using it.

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Feel the Reel

As marketers we’re always trying to add value to our efforts. Whether its adding value to a brand through consumer relationships or adding value to a personal site by putting in a little extra effort. As we develop Movement Strategy we constantly brainstorm how to take it to the next level or give our followers a little extra. In this case its adding video footy for our crew bios. By no means are we pioneers in this sense, take for example TDA. However, we find the huge value in minute actions. Its heartbreaking to see agencies around the globe that handle multi-million dollar accounts still fostering the traditional introductory bios on their sites. “Dirk D: Founder – I received my masters from the University of Washington in 1999. Following my degree I embarked on a career with …. zzzzzzzzzzz.”

That was fun! We figure, why go through the motions to put someone to sleep when you could make them crack a smile or replay a video that blows their mind. Take this video for example. This is going to be the hand-shaking intro video between our graphic designer, Reda Wigle, and our clients. We’re gonna include a caption somewhere in the realm of; “Hold on to your eyeballs, this creative, fresh breath of air will pull you in so fast with pen and paper that you’ll forget your kid’s name!” It’s like a hot shot of coffee to jugular. This is the gal that’s going to bring your brand to life, you should be revved up about it.

This is just food for thought. In an interactive world you need to be interactive, not static. We suggest adding some life to your company or personal brand just through some simple things, like adding a vid as your first impression

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