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Officially Moved In

This is the last of my content that I’m bringing over from blogspot, it feels good to move into a new place. I want to introduce the Movement Strategy crew. Each of these people brings a unique aspect to our company. The amount of creative insight that flies around the room when we meet is enough to make you light-headed. We look forward to show you all our work and hope we receive some criticism in return.

Meeting @ Pete's - Official meeting spot of the young and progressive

Pete's: Official meeting place of the young and progressive


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Firm Shake of Hand

Up to this point I have focused the majority of my efforts on portraying myself through the flesh. If I plan on expanding my knowledge of social entities outside of traditional forms, I figure this is the best place to start. I have done a fair amount of blog reading and commenting, but never felt the need to share my personal thoughts on a regular basis. I have learned so much from the blogging community, places like, sethgodin, and logic and emotion, among others. It is my turn to contribute to the perspectives at which we look at our actions as businesses and consumers. Being a freshly transformed college graduate I feel that I have some angles that others may not simply due to my positioning in society. I looked forward to getting some feedback on my intuitions and being more educated. Thanks for following.


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