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Deep In Thought: A Quick Note

Quick Note:

I feel like I’ve been falling in the trap of twitter infatuation lately so I’m going to try and mix it up a bit.

The other week I was struck with this desire, or even obligation, to embark on a BIG idea. I have no idea what it may be or when its going to come to me, but I know I’m losing sleep over it and its taking over my thoughts. Surely many people have had such thoughts otherwise society would still be in the stone age, but progression in modern society almost always revolves around the field of tech. If you’re trying to be a pioneer in this world you really have to get outside of the box. Innovation is complicated, but in order to change the way we operate the concept must be simple, otherwise people will discard the movement for being too different.

Innovation revolves around making our lives easier and more efficient. Seeing all of the tools we have compiled on the net it is easy to get the word out, but getting action is the difficult piece. Getting people to step away from the computer and make an active effort or change is the difficult piece. Innovation doesn’t only entail knowledge, it entails a change of mind-set and operative function.

While on my quest for a BIG idea that will change my life I’ve been getting deep in thought, good, but I know that BIG ideas are deprived from thinking on the surface and coming up with new elements of existing pieces of life.

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Marketing: Metaphorical Life Raft

Even though President Bush sidestepped the economic issues in his farewell address the other night the problem still remains front and center in practically every aspect of life. Not to put down Bush’s speech, probably one of his better ones and there were some good remarks about our actions overseas, congrats GB. 2995481021_f3095f46411

So, the correlation between marketing, the economy, products and consumers. Two words, “budget cuts.” As companies begin to re-evaluate future expenditures talks of less marketing frequent the conversation. Problem with this is that when you cut marketing you cut communication channels with your consumers. When you have people becoming more conscious about spending, especially on unnecessary things the last thing you want to do is leave them high and dry without advising them why your product/service is the most logical purchase. When people are left to decide on their own they simply don’t decide, and they sure as hell aren’t going to buy your product if your sitting quietly in the corner, fingers crossed, hoping the customer lands on yours goods after a decision process based on eny meny miny mo!

I’ve talked about this before, but this is an important topic that everyone must consider in order to survive this economic crisis. Luckily social networks exist in a time like this, otherwise we’d all be scratching our ass wondering how long the bag of instant rice will feed us for. Strategically marketing through social networks provides companies direct links to their target demographics, if you didn’t know that you’re in my prayers. These micro interactions between marketers and consumers are bringing down prices in marketing, helping the right people find the right products, educating consumers, educating marketers and other professionals, and providing a quality past time for dorm life. If you’re a consumer and get angry because you are subjected to marketing while you cruise around facebook or twitter, think about the benefits of what you’re seeing. Excluded in this specialized marketing are the mass marketing ploys submerging Myspace into the past. They lack value, focus, and deceitfully suck you in.

As I’m rambling here I’m trying to stay focused, I apologize. Moral of this ideology is that as marketers we have to use our brains and begin to think more in depth. There are many innovators out there moving this business in the right direction and adding value to their clients marketing plans and implementation. Sadly, the days of clients handing over a couple hundred thousand dollars and living by the “power in numbers reached” method is long past. The age of micro interaction and specialized marketing has arisen. You put your ear to the digital landscape and listen to what consumers want, react, and then advise them. Its nice to be a consumer these days.

My parting words for this post; if you own a company or for that matter work at one where the economy has got you down please consider my words above. We’re in a age of innovation, so when you’re thinking “marketing isn’t in the budget” make it in the budget, think of a way to structure a contract so that you’re guaranteed results, maybe request the marketing company do what Hyudai is doing. Think about how you can inject yourself into social media and bring value to the table, its an efficient investment.

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Icons of Personal Branding- Barack n’ Roll

With the election in the rear-view mirror there are an abundance of mixed emotions in the nation. However, one thing we all have in common, the desire to see the change that was preached throughout president-elect, Obama’s campaign. It was a hard fought battle by both candidates and each displayed commendable effort.

3005048653_482ea67a6f1I think that there are a few lessons for marketers and consumers that should be extracted from the proceedings of the campaign and election. The topic of personal branding is currently at the forefront of our industry. Obama showed us all what its like to create a personal brand out of the most unlikely of scenarios. Many people thought they wouldn’t see a minority president in their lifetime, if even their children would see a minority president. We all probably thought it would be more likely to see Nader in the Whitehouse. Well, we proved ourselves wrong, and the progress our country made yesterday as a whole is a milestone in our history. It would not have been possible though if Obama hadn’t exercised the most impressive and tireless acts of personal branding seen to date. We’re talking of a man who not only motivated a record number of people to exercise their civic duty, but he defied the social ascriptions of racial limitation and gained the trust of a majority of Americans to lead our country. He achieved all of this through selling his brand to Americans. He gained support, gained contributions, gained trust, and generated motivation within segments of society that have yet to impact the outcome of our leadership until now. How often in the past have you seen countless you-tube videos supporting a candidate through an expression of pop-culture? Never. Have you ever seen candidate shirts in places like urban outfitters that say things like, “Barack and Roll?” This man motivated us to chose our destiny despite what we’ve heard about the lack of influence a single vote has. Yes, maybe a single vote plays a little role in the outcome of an election, but when you motivate an entire country of singles to act as a whole you get a dominant victory and defy all odds against minority leadership. Our country is going to be a different place from here on out and its thanks to a single man who knew the American people were better than even they thought.

What do I take from this? Well, if you want to see how to motivate people, look at Barack. If you want to see how to gain support through common ideals, look at Barack. If you want advice on how to build a powerful brand, look at Barack. Eight years ago, maybe even four years ago, people would’ve thought that Barack selling himself to the American people would’ve been as likely as selling ice cream in hell, not because they were racist or disliked the man, but because they thought the country as a whole was not ready for that leap. He proved us wrong.

I also tie consumerism into this lesson we’ve learned yesterday and throughout the last twenty months. When we looked at our influence in terms of individual we lack power, but when we look at our influence in terms of contributing to a larger group we’re detrimental. If you’re passionate about something find the populous that shares your ideals and make something happen. If the populous doesn’t yet exist, lead and find your supporters. If you demand something of a brand, tell them, your influence will be heard. Take this effort for example,, a group of unsatisfied flyers that will be heard by the company. It doesn’t always have to be your displeasure, compliment a brand for doing the right thing or guide them in the right direction. If your looking for a brand to go more green, simply tell them with your group, or tribe, as Seth Godin would say. Our tools to increase our influence is literally at our finger tips.

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