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Eminem an Expert on Twitter; Who Would Have Thought

Eminem is using Twitter in an extremely clever way. He has a show coming up and is Tweeting out where fans can find free tickets. Instead of going into all of the details I will point you towards Chris Brogan’s post about the incident. Here it is.


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Visualize Twitter

The one thing I use LinkedIn for is social groups. I am in a few social media groups which always provide great content. I found this this morning which is especially intriguing. You can see it in full size here.


Thanks to for this.

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Swine Flu, #swineflu, & H1N1 a social experiment

More interesting than Swine Flu or H1N1 sweeping across continents, is the fear about  Swine Flue or H1N1 sweeping across continents. What is it that we as Americans have for this kind of story. We freakin’ love it. Are people actually scared of Swine Flu, I doubt it, but we love talking about people freaking out about Swine Flu.

Currently on Twitter Swine Flu, #swineflu and H1N1 are the 3 most trending topics right now…which is kind of funny I think especially since one of America’s most symbolic national institutions, Chrysler announced bankrupcy today.

2 interesting facts:

-Swine Flu has killed 1 person in the United States.

-The ‘normal’ flu that we have all had before kills 100 people a day

So why are we so enamored by this swine flu? Well, in my opinion it is because we love sensationalism very very much here in the US and it is every news organizations bread and better.

There…I said my piece…swine flu, #swineflu, #H1N1

Get this little piggy away...ahhhh....swine flu

Get this little piggy away...ahhhh....swine flu

p.s. This entire post was an experiment with using trending Keywords…duhhh…swine flu

photo cred  be_khe

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10.5 Ways To Explode Your Blog Traffic

1. Submit Your Blog – Submit your blog to Google Here

Use Feed Burner to submit your blog Here

2. RSS Feeds – Make sure you have an RSS feed that is easy to subscribe to. But instead of saying something boring like “subscribe here”, say something that people will understand more easily like “get up to the minute news via your email or RSS here”. (Don’t know what an RSS feed is? Figure it out. Search for it on Google. It is central to blogging)

3. Create Irresistible Headlines – One of the great things about starting a blog is that it teaches you how to write good copy. And all good copywriters know the most important thing is a great headline. Look at sites like Digg and see what the popular headlines look like.

Ex. Shoot the ball like Michael Jordan

How NOT to make a left turn

Why what you are doing is not good enough

4. Lists – People on the internet go crazy for lists. Create a top ten list and you will see a surge in traffic. If a third of your posts are lists you will do well.

Ex. Top 10 Ways To Explode Your Blog Traffic

Top 5 Reasons Why I Could Steal Your Girlfriend

Top 7 Reasons Why Mindy’s Class Doesn’t Suck

5. Go Beyond Text in your Posts. – Every post should have a picture incorporated with it. To find pictures that you can use freely without copyright stuff attached go to Then click on explore near the bottom. Then up top on the explore drag down box go to creative commons. The top result says attribution license only, click where it says see more. Then you can do a search within this category. All of these pictures you can use on your blog and you just have to put a little thing under the picture that says who the photographer is. This is what big time bloggers do.


5.5 Have posts with video in them –  Use the camera on your computer to do a blog post. People pay way more attention to video. Or feel like being lazy. Search for a relevant Youtube video. It is super easy to put a Youtube video into your blog.

6. Core Posts – It is important to have at least two or three really well thought out researched articles in your blog. While most blog posts don’t have to be long at all, these posts should be at least 4-5 paragraphs. They should contain unique content that you can’t find other places.

7. Comment on Other Blogs – One great and easy way to drive traffic to your blog is to comment on other blogs. Say something insightful on ten blogs a week. Your name will link to your blog and the readers will click on it and check out your blog.

8. Submit Your Articles to Social Media Sites – Become familiar with Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious. It will drive lots of traffic for you.

9. Linking to Past Posts – In your new blog posts, link to some previous posts that you have written, especially your core posts.

10. Be Patient & Relentless – Unless you are the owner of Ford, thousands of people are not going to instantly come to your blog. Develop a voice, create some great content and continue at it. It will take time and dedication to build up a following of thousands of people. But once you do it, it will be well worth it. Not only can you make money off of it, but you can become an influencer in your field.

fireworks1photo cred: Tony George

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Mobile Era…..Since 92′-Now Meet Android

Last evening I attended the inaugural Ignite Boulder gathering. The event featured a plethora of presentations on various topics, some relating to new media and design, and others offering a fast-paced guide to effectively crashing a party while rolling stag. All in all the event was fun, informative and featured free beer, so really, I have no complaints, it was a great success! Also, Thanks to Andrew Hyde and organizers for all the hard work put into making this thing happen.

One presentation really stuck with me from last night. It was a presentation by Kevin Collie (not sure on the spelling), entitled The Year of Mobile. This has been a topic of interest for me for multiple years and many people have made inaccurate predictions of when the year of mobile will actually arrive. Predictors have been saying “this is the year of mobile” since 92′. In the mid to late 90’s the Palm Pilot was introduced to the scene and had many thinking the transformation had begun, it didn’t. The Blackberry arrived, people were convinced things where changing for good, they were wrong. Now we have the iPhone, which users interact with more than their kids, and still we haven’t reached the mobile transformation. Truth of the matter is that only 1.5% of the market has an iPhone, making the transformation more of a tech subculture than a technological transformation. I couldn’t have agreed more with the presentation up to this point, unless its a necessity for business, not a convenience, people are going to be reluctant to drop 400 bills on an iPhone and another couple hundred on service. Its not worth it to many people just so they can be interrupted at lunch to see they received a new e-mail or so they can twitter about how good their cobb salad is. I personally haven’t agreed with the hype surrounding mobile technology simply because it wasn’t viable for the majority of citizens. The mobile age has been here for tech savy business folks, but the transformation to a mobile society where marketing can thrive has yet to reach the mass market. I was convinced last night that it soon will.

Last evening the presenter said that the movement to widespread mobile will arrive when web 2.0 goes mobile and more importantly when prices points are brought down. Well that time may be 2009 with the introduction of Android. Android has been in the works since late 2007 with Google but is to be released in late 2008 or 09′, however, some are already out. Google is the working mechanism behind Android, offering at least 3 prototypes for the system in Feb. 2008. With Google’s financial backing, development experience, and good standing in the online community we may see a transformation begin. The web 2.0 will be brought on through T-Mobile’s G1, the first phone to support Android, released mid 08′. As far as cost, the presentation featured a segment about price points and how this product will stay afloat mainstream. In 2009 Android technology will be offered in Walmart, making the price go down and the scope of demographic drastically increase.

For More Info do some research on Android and see what your thoughts are…

Photo: dannysullivan

Upper Photo:


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