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Boulder Denver New Tech Meetups

A new year calls for new resolutions. One of my resolutions for 2010 is to get back into the habit of taking all opportunities to educate myself on new developments in the tech world and attend more of the entrepreneurial gatherings around the Boulder/Denver area.

Last night Jason and I attended the first Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup (#BDNT) of 2010. If you’re unfamiliar with BDNT you can find out more at their website and I would highly recommend signing up for their next event if you’re in the area. While Movement Strategy isn’t necessarily a new tech company our success depends on our ability to stay current with new developments in the tech industry and having the knowledge of whats possible for our clients using new media. You’d be surprised at the complexity and genius behind some of these new tech developments, it really opens your eyes to whats possible these days.

Networking is another thing that I’ve preached as I’ve learned more about entrepreneurship. These meetups are a great way to meet influential folks and potentially score work, funding or joint ventures. So when you’re leaving work and all you can think about is getting home to indulge in a drink and Sportscenter, I’m encouraging you to check out one of these tech meetups in your area and have a beer with some interesting individuals, learn about some amazing new companies and maybe spark some ideas.

Check out some of the presenters from the 1/6/2010 BDNT:

Liquid Scenarios

Team Snap

Easy Insight


Welcome to 2010 friends! Another resolution of mine is to post a bit more regularly so stay tuned –


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