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Microsoft’s BING

So as we all know due to the berade of advertising, Microsoft has launched a new search engine, Bing, as a response to Google. And the question that remains is, will Microsoft be able to take market share away from Google?

To answer this question let’s look at the history of the two companies a bit.

Microsoft started out as a software company. When Bill Gates and Paul Allen began the company, they were writing software to be used on the Altair 8800, this was in the mid to late 70’s. Their software become incredibly popular and they quickly locked in deals to distribute their software and it took off from there. They went on to refine their software with MS-DOS and then Windows and now Vista. Along they way they have been extremely successful building and selling software and bundling their software into personal computers. So much so that they were part of the infamous monopoly case.

Google started out as a search engine. Larry Page and then Sergey Brin realized their was a better way to search through the information on the internet by putting emphasis on backlinks rather then how many times a keyword appeared on a page. They got some initial funding from some prominent angel investors and venture capitalists and continued to grow their search engine. Google quickly rose to become the most used search engine because of it’s uncluttered feel and amazingly good results.

As consumers we have grown our trust in Microsoft as a software provider. Microsoft Word dominates it’s field as does Excel and the Windows operating system. In much the same way Google dominates search because we have come to trust Google, even making the verb “google” an official word in the english language.

Microsoft trying to get into search is a classic case of a big company seeing a smaller company’s success in a particular field and trying to bully their way into that field. Unfortunately for the bigger company, this rarely ever works. Take a look at the company Sears. Sears was known as being one of the best providers of hard goods and was doing really well. So what did they decide to do? They decided to get into softgoods and then clothing. Unfortunatly for Sears, people continued to think of them as a hardgoods company and didn’t buy their softgoods or clothing. Sears had loads of overhead of softgoods and clothing, put millions into advertising these things and wound up losing a tremendous amount of money. All because people think of Sears as a hard goods company.

In the same way, I think of Microsoft as a software company. When I think of search I think Google. There is pretty much nothing that Microsoft can do that will make me think of them as a search company. Furthermore, Google is doing a really good job. They are continually improving, have kept their site clean and have kept me, the consumer happy. So why would I switch to Microsoft Bing? Certainly not because of an advertising campaign that Microsoft is doing. I have logged thousands of hours on Microsoft operating systems and software and thousands of hours using Google search all of which has ingrained the idea into me about what these respective companies are for. No way an advertising campaign can break these perceptions.

Microsoft made a mistake a year ago with their failed acquisition of Yahoo! and is going to fail again with Bing. They need to stick to what they are good at which is software develpment and continue to be innovative in that field. Because in the field of search, Microsoft simply can’t win.



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Swine Flu, #swineflu, & H1N1 a social experiment

More interesting than Swine Flu or H1N1 sweeping across continents, is the fear about  Swine Flue or H1N1 sweeping across continents. What is it that we as Americans have for this kind of story. We freakin’ love it. Are people actually scared of Swine Flu, I doubt it, but we love talking about people freaking out about Swine Flu.

Currently on Twitter Swine Flu, #swineflu and H1N1 are the 3 most trending topics right now…which is kind of funny I think especially since one of America’s most symbolic national institutions, Chrysler announced bankrupcy today.

2 interesting facts:

-Swine Flu has killed 1 person in the United States.

-The ‘normal’ flu that we have all had before kills 100 people a day

So why are we so enamored by this swine flu? Well, in my opinion it is because we love sensationalism very very much here in the US and it is every news organizations bread and better.

There…I said my piece…swine flu, #swineflu, #H1N1

Get this little piggy away...ahhhh....swine flu

Get this little piggy away...ahhhh....swine flu

p.s. This entire post was an experiment with using trending Keywords…duhhh…swine flu

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“He Said She Said”- Single Celled Twitter Morphs Through Apps.

If you listen to anyone that knows anything about Social Media you’ll hear them say that twitter is platform that you must master. The beauty of social media is sharing, connecting and doing so instantaneously. Twitter offers all of this in a simplistic platform operated 2511539541_b8c0356486through micro interactions. Consider twitter the evolution of texting, a no bullshit message offering substance and suggestions, at least for the most part. Including links in tweets creates a direct connect to the content you value and exposes it to those you share with, beautiful!

As simple as twitter is meant to be there is a strategy on how to use it to build both your personal brand or promote your clients, if you dare to go there. There are multiple web applications that have encouraged the evolution of twitter. You can start by using Search Twitter. This app. allows you to filter conversation based on your search inquiry and inject yourself into conversations of your interest, find friends sharing your interests, or see if anyone is talking shit behind your back or critiquing your client. When you take this app. and apply it as a marketing tool it helps you narrow down a target audience and approach those people you know will be interested in what you have to say, however, like you hear everywhere, you must bring value to the conversation rather than dropping the name of your client. The twitter community is not meant to be an online telemarketing style forum, so keep that in mind, connect with the people that ask.

People such as myself use twitter to learn, seek knowledge, and listen to advice pertaining to their profession. I can’t give enough thanks for links I’ve gotten on twitter and learned so much from. While Search Twitter allows you to narrow down the conversation, re.twited allows you to see and tune into the posts that are sparking the most interest. As Simple as twitter, re.twited simply ranks conversations that people re-tweeted and allows you to search based on when the re-tweets occurred. If twitter is your reference while looking for the most popular topics on the web this will be a godsend. Re.twited also provides a quality service for those looking to get exposure for their posts. Getting your post to appear on re.twited is one challenge that is overcome by simply offering quality material that people will embrace or be driven to RT. Once on re.twited you’ll likely see the NOS kick in and watch your post gain popularity.

Die hard twitter sensei, Brightkit has your service. This is a service allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts from one place. The site allows you to manage your posting times along with a plethora of other management options. If you’re tweeting under multiple aliases this is a must have. You can put your imagination to work and see how a tool such as this could help from a marketing standpoint.

Theres plenty more on these apps. floating around the web. Be sure to check out Logic and Emotion for more on re.twited and other info on the importance of twitter and things to keep in mind while using it.

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Who’s Looking?

Last evening Matt Galligan, CEO and Founder of Social Thing, lectured on the campus of the University of Colorado. While a plethora of points he brought up during his presentation were valuable I found the information on Search Twitter to be the most relevant to our scenario. Movement Strategy has been investigating efficient ways to generate viral marketing within networks and forums. Twitter search has been at the forefront of our radar as we devise implementation plans for our clients. If you are unfamiliar, Search Twitter indexes twitter conversations and posts, allowing searchers to view all posts containing their inquiry.

Having the ability to narrow twitter content in such a definitive way provides a resource for marketers and individuals to seek specialized content, specifically for their own use. In our case it greatly helps in our abilities to build segmentation schemes and specify demographics. It also creates an inlet for marketing. We can build strategic plans that offer valued marketing to demographics that are interested. This helps alleviate risks of bombarding unwelcoming consumers and also helps lead to more efficient marketing implementation.

This is a very effective tool, but should be used properly. Surely we’ve all come across posts regarding ethical procedure while using social networking sites to market. Strategy incorporating the usage of these sites should consider providing value complemented by the offering of consumer interaction, not simply forcing a hard sell. Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback on Search Twitter or anything else.

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