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In Ya Head

I randomly decided to check on InYaHead Music which is the first site we ever built and was subsequently taken down right after launch because they sold a bunch of tracks. To my suprise they put the site back up. This was the first website ever done by Movement Strategy and isn’t half bad. Chickety Check it out!


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Smart Application of SEO

I love seeing young, new companies do exciting and innovative things online. I especially love seeing young, new ski companies doing these things.

Brand new ski company, Bluehouse Skis is trying to make a name for themselves in the skiing industry and they are doing it exactly the right way. Instead of taking out a full page ad in Powder mag for around $30,000, they have gone the more grassroots method. They have contacted college ski clubs and offered discounts in return for an email blast. This is a win win win situation. The ski club will have something awesome to give out to their fans. Bluehouse Skis will be able to sell some product, even if the margin is not very high with the discount. And, Bluehouse Skis will have people using their product, so on the mountain they will have advertising in the form of people using their skis and raving about them (hopefully).

While this is really smart, it is not the “new & innovative” thing that I am talking about. What I am talking about is a link contest that Bluehouse skis is hosting. The contest is that if you post a link to Bluehouse skis using one of their banners you are entered to win a pair of their skis. Why is this so smart? Because not only are they getting people excited about the company, but this contest will be great for SEO. Instead of paying a few thousand dollars (minimum) for someone to go and make some minor adjustments to their meta data and keywords and post a few links here and there, they are getting a ton of inbound links for free.

It seems that more and more people are utilizing giving out product in return for marketing. This has been exemplified on Twitter over and over with retweet contests in return for product, has been seen on Facebook with contests that auto populate content onto your stream and I am sure has been done on other social networks time and again.

Thanks Bluehouse skis for being innovative online marketers!

Bluehouse Skis

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Quantifying Social Media

The social media revolution has been in full force for the past few years. It is evolving beyond demographic and age barriers, becoming an all encompassing mass communication channel that every person and business should be in tune with. This is an intriguing video that observes the magnitude of social media and uses numbers to show why its so important.


Thanks to Socialnomics

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A Marketing Miracle? Facebook’s New Publisher Controls in Beta

Thanks to the pressure put on Facebook by the advances of Twitter we the people are receiving a better service. Twitter reigns as the thought sharing, micro-blogging mecca, where Facebook provides the end-all be-all network, aggregating all of ones personal sharing and media. Twitter’s success comes about through its simplistic model of sharing and communicating, today Facebook released a beta feature that may set a new standard for Twitter’s content sharing model and groupings.

New publisher controls were released in beta today on Facebook. The new publisher controls provide various grouping options to sharing content and dispersing it as widely or privately as desired.
Picture 1

Status updates can now be viewed not only by those in your social network but also by those who aren’t. Perhaps most importantly, Google, Bing and every other search engine that indexes Facebook pages and profiles will now display shared content at the desire of publishers. “The privacy settings that you implement for each story will also carry over to the stream.get API call.” It seems quite apparent from a marketing standpoint that the avenue this creates to spread branded content and awareness is very beneficial, granted that it is quality content being dispersed.

For brands, twitter brought about an avenue where companies could add value and depth to their identity by not only positioning themselves in a business segment, but by providing links, ideals and thoughts that brought forth a personality with whom consumers could interact and relate. Facebook is beginning to reach a stage where brands can better connect with not only there friends or fans, but reach out to a broader audience and introduce themselves through personified content sharing. In my opinion this is a milestone feature release for Facebook.

Read more on AllFacebook or AdAge

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Brand Evolution

Each day we live a life in which we are constantly constructing and shaping an identity. I have been intrigued to find how many people and businesses seek to portray a secondary identity within the virtual media. We have embarked on an era of self-branding. Not only is it valuable for product or service brands to segment and create accepted brands to their targets, but it has become almost a civic duty for consumers to create profiles and display a virtual, personal brand which marketers may reference. Not only are individuals fulfilling their duties as consumers through constructing digital Brand You’s, but they are also generating a digital promotional package through which they are selling themselves to employers, educational institutions, peers, and a plethora of other organizations.

How can we hold marketers accountable for inaccurately evaluating a specific segment if we aren’t active in the virtual community? Sounds similar to the complaints and arguments revolving around political influence, except in this case we have a direct line to the chief. The consumer’s new voice has been expressed through the virtual world of networking and digital activity. People build their specific brand online reflecting their defining characteristics in the flesh. Both marketers and individuals gain power and influence in this world not through monetary gains, but rather the ability to build an army of followers and listeners. For anyone who has a complaint about how brands in which they are loyal to carry out their marketing, your best better is through profile creation, tell them directly how you feel.

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Firm Shake of Hand

Up to this point I have focused the majority of my efforts on portraying myself through the flesh. If I plan on expanding my knowledge of social entities outside of traditional forms, I figure this is the best place to start. I have done a fair amount of blog reading and commenting, but never felt the need to share my personal thoughts on a regular basis. I have learned so much from the blogging community, places like, sethgodin, and logic and emotion, among others. It is my turn to contribute to the perspectives at which we look at our actions as businesses and consumers. Being a freshly transformed college graduate I feel that I have some angles that others may not simply due to my positioning in society. I looked forward to getting some feedback on my intuitions and being more educated. Thanks for following.


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