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Focusing on the Basics of Social Media

Nailing down a solid foundation for a social media campaign still comes as the most important element of a social media strategy. Before building apps., micro-sites, widgets or otherwise the communication channels between brand and consumers must be free flowing and continuous. Social media continues to evolve at an exponential rate as new programs, features and connection methods are being developed. While its certainly important to stay ahead of the learning curve in the social media landscape it is most important to foster the conversations occurring in the traditional social networking manor.

It is obvious that demographics and  business goals of each company by in large determine the shape that a social media campaign will take, but for any business, brand or otherwise to see the desired ROI from a social media effort the countless hours of community building, content sharing and conversing must come first, otherwise the innovative tech and development methods fall short. Success in social media depends upon persistence and dedication in terms of providing community members with a desired ROI for their time spent contributing to the community and helping shape the company’s online existence.

We’ve been heading up the social media campaign for northeastern music festival, Gathering of the Vibes, which has been a great experience with great people. Our focus for the entire campaign has been centered on getting fan interaction and engagement, not developing the coolest new app. or strategy. What we’ve seen is exponential fan growth, fan engagement that rivals top brands and festivals and a stoked community that has made social networking with the festival a daily routine they look forward to. That is a favorable ROI that directly correlates with success.

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A Marketing Miracle? Facebook’s New Publisher Controls in Beta

Thanks to the pressure put on Facebook by the advances of Twitter we the people are receiving a better service. Twitter reigns as the thought sharing, micro-blogging mecca, where Facebook provides the end-all be-all network, aggregating all of ones personal sharing and media. Twitter’s success comes about through its simplistic model of sharing and communicating, today Facebook released a beta feature that may set a new standard for Twitter’s content sharing model and groupings.

New publisher controls were released in beta today on Facebook. The new publisher controls provide various grouping options to sharing content and dispersing it as widely or privately as desired.
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Status updates can now be viewed not only by those in your social network but also by those who aren’t. Perhaps most importantly, Google, Bing and every other search engine that indexes Facebook pages and profiles will now display shared content at the desire of publishers. “The privacy settings that you implement for each story will also carry over to the stream.get API call.” It seems quite apparent from a marketing standpoint that the avenue this creates to spread branded content and awareness is very beneficial, granted that it is quality content being dispersed.

For brands, twitter brought about an avenue where companies could add value and depth to their identity by not only positioning themselves in a business segment, but by providing links, ideals and thoughts that brought forth a personality with whom consumers could interact and relate. Facebook is beginning to reach a stage where brands can better connect with not only there friends or fans, but reach out to a broader audience and introduce themselves through personified content sharing. In my opinion this is a milestone feature release for Facebook.

Read more on AllFacebook or AdAge

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Vanity URLs Offered on Facebook

Around 1:00pm today facebook announced that they will be offering users the ability to select vanity
URLs for their profiles and pages they administer. If you are unfamiliar, an example of a vanity URL is http://facebook.com/edieter, rather than the current long tail URLs that everyone possesses; http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=10213726&ref=profile. There is significance behind this announcement seeing that the inclusion of vanity URLs will make common named users more identifiable within search engines, greatly increase the ease of sharing facebook profiles or page links, and add a personal element to facebook URLs. Currently a number of networks offer vanity URLs such as twitter, myspace, ilike, etc. Until this coming Saturday, facebook has only experimented with a limited number of vanity URLs for notable brands and publications.

Starting on June 13th @ 12:01 am EDT facebook will allow users to claim their URLs. By visiting http://facebook.com/username, users will have the ability to select their URLs by simply following the instructions. Also, facebook will be including a note on everyone’s homepage prompting them to follow the instructions:

Picture 3

Facebook usernames will be available in basic text forms, and you can only choose a single username for your profile and for each of the Pages that you administer. Your username must be at least five characters in length and only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop (“.”).”

Be forewarned that once you select a URL it is with you for life, no rewrites, retries or complaint submissions. Our recommendation would be to stay in and bring the party to you this coming Friday or show up to the festivities fashionably awesome with your new URL, because if there is a URL out there that you’re dying to have it probably won’t be available Saturday morning.

Find more information about the vanity URLs on the facebook blog

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Hoot YEAH! Tweeting Made Easy for the Busy Folks

Like every other Social Media oriented business all of us here at Movement are stoked on twitter and what its providing the online community. The simple, 140 character social melting pot provides unparalleled opportunity, advice and direction across all business landscapes.

I find it hard to constantly provide my followers with valued tweets throughout the work day. If you find yourself struggling with a similar problem I’ve got an antidote that will ensure your followers stay engaged with your offerings.


I’ll admit that my presence on twitter seems quite infant compared to those of influencers such as Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, Gary Vanyerchuk and a plethora of others, but I still deliver the goods and advice that people are seeking on twitter. Offering a mixed bag of entertainment, advice, and valuable links proves the best way to not only keep followers, but also engage them in your tweets.

I look to the man of twitter, Guy Kawasaki when inquiring advice on utilizing twitter as a tool for brand development and viral pursuit. A foundation is first required to achieve either of those two elements. That foundation is voice and it’s built through personally branding yourself around the online communities and becoming involved with others.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic. The tools; if you don’t use a tweet manager yet that’s your first step, I personally use Brightkit. Guy Kawasaki is the guy behind Brightkit and its pretty much a one-stop shop for anything pertaining to twitter that I need. Recently I discovered the Hallelujah lifesaver offered through Brightkit called Hootlet. Hootlet requires literally 2-seconds to incorporate, simply visit Brightkit, set up an account if you haven’t done so, and drag the Hootlet icon into your bookmarks bar; Done! What Hootlet allows you to do is simply click the bookmark whenever you’re on a site you feel like sharing on twitter and automatically it shrinks the URL, briefly describes the link, tells you to choose the profile you’re tweeting on and automatically tweets, all without going to a tweet manager, twitter profile or otherwise.

Its the busy persons outlet to twitter, no more excuses for lack of tweeting! Once you have Hootlet half the battle is over, but where do you find the content you want to share? Personally, I get on popurls.com each morning in search of things to share, I also refer to sites such as alltop.com and my handful of regular reads, stumbleupon is great as well. Once you have the sites you feel give the content your audience will enjoy simply employ Hootlet and the get back to work. Surely a couple seconds here and there throughout the day won’t hinder your productivity too much.

Enjoy! And remember to follow your followers.

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Marketing: Metaphorical Life Raft

Even though President Bush sidestepped the economic issues in his farewell address the other night the problem still remains front and center in practically every aspect of life. Not to put down Bush’s speech, probably one of his better ones and there were some good remarks about our actions overseas, congrats GB. 2995481021_f3095f46411

So, the correlation between marketing, the economy, products and consumers. Two words, “budget cuts.” As companies begin to re-evaluate future expenditures talks of less marketing frequent the conversation. Problem with this is that when you cut marketing you cut communication channels with your consumers. When you have people becoming more conscious about spending, especially on unnecessary things the last thing you want to do is leave them high and dry without advising them why your product/service is the most logical purchase. When people are left to decide on their own they simply don’t decide, and they sure as hell aren’t going to buy your product if your sitting quietly in the corner, fingers crossed, hoping the customer lands on yours goods after a decision process based on eny meny miny mo!

I’ve talked about this before, but this is an important topic that everyone must consider in order to survive this economic crisis. Luckily social networks exist in a time like this, otherwise we’d all be scratching our ass wondering how long the bag of instant rice will feed us for. Strategically marketing through social networks provides companies direct links to their target demographics, if you didn’t know that you’re in my prayers. These micro interactions between marketers and consumers are bringing down prices in marketing, helping the right people find the right products, educating consumers, educating marketers and other professionals, and providing a quality past time for dorm life. If you’re a consumer and get angry because you are subjected to marketing while you cruise around facebook or twitter, think about the benefits of what you’re seeing. Excluded in this specialized marketing are the mass marketing ploys submerging Myspace into the past. They lack value, focus, and deceitfully suck you in.

As I’m rambling here I’m trying to stay focused, I apologize. Moral of this ideology is that as marketers we have to use our brains and begin to think more in depth. There are many innovators out there moving this business in the right direction and adding value to their clients marketing plans and implementation. Sadly, the days of clients handing over a couple hundred thousand dollars and living by the “power in numbers reached” method is long past. The age of micro interaction and specialized marketing has arisen. You put your ear to the digital landscape and listen to what consumers want, react, and then advise them. Its nice to be a consumer these days.

My parting words for this post; if you own a company or for that matter work at one where the economy has got you down please consider my words above. We’re in a age of innovation, so when you’re thinking “marketing isn’t in the budget” make it in the budget, think of a way to structure a contract so that you’re guaranteed results, maybe request the marketing company do what Hyudai is doing. Think about how you can inject yourself into social media and bring value to the table, its an efficient investment.

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Who’s Looking?

Last evening Matt Galligan, CEO and Founder of Social Thing, lectured on the campus of the University of Colorado. While a plethora of points he brought up during his presentation were valuable I found the information on Search Twitter to be the most relevant to our scenario. Movement Strategy has been investigating efficient ways to generate viral marketing within networks and forums. Twitter search has been at the forefront of our radar as we devise implementation plans for our clients. If you are unfamiliar, Search Twitter indexes twitter conversations and posts, allowing searchers to view all posts containing their inquiry.

Having the ability to narrow twitter content in such a definitive way provides a resource for marketers and individuals to seek specialized content, specifically for their own use. In our case it greatly helps in our abilities to build segmentation schemes and specify demographics. It also creates an inlet for marketing. We can build strategic plans that offer valued marketing to demographics that are interested. This helps alleviate risks of bombarding unwelcoming consumers and also helps lead to more efficient marketing implementation.

This is a very effective tool, but should be used properly. Surely we’ve all come across posts regarding ethical procedure while using social networking sites to market. Strategy incorporating the usage of these sites should consider providing value complemented by the offering of consumer interaction, not simply forcing a hard sell. Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback on Search Twitter or anything else.

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Influencial Networking

Commonly marketers see the usage of social networks as an outlet to create direct contact points with consumers and specialize segmentation. Within the last few months there has been a significant transformation in consumer usage and interactions within social networks. It seems now more than ever people desire to express their views and voice, and finally they are presented with the means to do so. The increasing controversy within the political arena has ignited this increased passion and transformation of forum usage.

The red/blue divide has split our country drastically and it is generating intense feelings from both sides. The political hardships and economic crisis has put a large bearing on the well-being of the nation as a whole. Social networks have become a HUGE hub for citizens expressing themselves and spreading various spectra of opinions. Its difficult to say if this trend will generate a large understanding between party affiliates or widen the gap, but it is offering a level voice for all who choose to speak.

CNN newscaster Rick Sanchez has gone through the process of personal branding within networks such as facebook, myspace, and twitter offering the public a direct link to influence the content of his 3:00 spot on CNN. He has created a cross-media relationship where civilians become involved and contribute to conversations between influencial public figures broadcast on T.V. This offering is a specific example of how networking has gone through a transformation period of hobby to civic involvement. The opportunities added through social networking have presented an opportunity for the public to dismiss influence based on capital. People are finding that their voice is heightened with their commitment to be heard, rather than their positioning within the social hierarchy.

Get involved




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